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This word means Flags in Occitan language. Two of my interests, when I have some free time. So after a long waiting, the third edition of my book is available, free for download here.

Am I really a thinker?

I've got the opportunity to get through a Process Communication evaluation at work. This interesting psychological classification framework was developed years ago to evaluate the ability of candidate astronauts to live together in a close space.

ITIL sold to Capita

ITIL for Sale by the City-infiltrated UK Government. A newsbit from the ITSM portal. The selected new owner is a British company, Capita. Is it the end of a shared body of knowledge? Do the Cabinet Office just start thinking about the current situation of ITIL (too service provider biased to keep being considered as a collection of cross-business "best practices")?

Don't they know their riches won't follow them in the grave? So ridiculous, so Thatcherian.

ITIL as a pretext

ITIL as a pretext.
I have been very often helping my customers to "implement ITIL" in their organisation. But what was really at stake was a requirement to transform their organisation without saying it loudly.

Eastern Europe

After 40 years of communism, Eastern Europe got back to "normality" in the 1990's. I have recently got to read a complaining post by a young Romanian about the bad experience he had while trying to settle to Western Europe. Here is my answer: "It is natural for people that had long been kept as mere slaves in a country too flee from it and to settle in another country. The problem with Rroma is that they are not welcome anywhere just due to the sedentary mainstream culture.
For Romanians (non Rroma ones), the fact most Rroma willing to settle in western europe come from their country does not help. One of my ancestors came from Timişoara successfully moved to France, but it was at the beginning of XIXth century and he was a prisoner of war... I've got relatives in Czechia as well. Some of them tried and failed to settle in Britain 3 years ago. Because even if you are skilled, certified, and able to communicate in English, you are from Eastern Europe and so you are not welcome. It's the crude reality of the western european racist culture."

I've also got recently the opportunity to visit a service provider in Košice (Slovakia). I met very dedicated people, with a good skillset and a true understanding of cultural differences and of French bad habits... A very pleasure (and the opportunity to taste good Slovakian wine, too, on the evening).

Never use English as a pivot language for automated translation

I've got an email in Chinese, a language I'm not really a fluent speaker of.

So I decided to use the built-in GoogleMail automated translation. The result in French was the following:

Douding is a chinese site like scribd, issuu or calameo. I was puzzled by the ventilateurs word in that list of eBooks. Do you know the primary definition of a fan? "any device for producing a current of air by the movement of a broad surface or a number of such surfaces." The translation for this in French is "ventilateur". The French for fan as "an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer" is... fan. No comment.

10th French itSMF Conference.
Paris La Défense, 25th October 2012

Two weeks to wait before presenting there what I did during almost half of the elapsed year of work. One year ago I was feeling disappointed to miss this event as I had for the first time got an invitation. But it has been worth the experience as I managed to help my customer establishing Continuous Service Improvement in a non-IT strategic activity. Yes, the ITIL set of cookbooks can help outside the IT microcosm too!

Here is my powerpoint presentation (in French).
CObIT Foundation Keywords

I recently passed the CObIT Foundation Certificate. The exam afternoon lasted almost twice longer than expected as I unvoluntarily lost my first set of answers using the browser back arrow...
It is a CObIT 4.1 Certificate, as the syllabus for CObIT version 5 is still under development. I used those very busy three days to build a CObIT Foundation Keywords on one page. Free for reading or downloading...

O české romštině a o Františku Vymazalovi

In the recent re-edition of František Vymazal's Cikánsky snadno a rychle, at Edicions Talvera, I provided a short introduction about the language of the Czech Roms and about František Vymazal.

O Lorencovi

A short biography and bibliography of František Vladimír Lorenc, a Czech scholar that wrote the first Czech book about Esperanto and spent the rest of his life in Brazil. Published in the re-edition of Lorenc's Úplná učebnice mezinárodní řeči dra. Esperanta, at Edicions Talvera.


I've written the foreword to Julian Desaygues' Marsyas, òc! anthology of Occitan poetry.
Julian is a very good friend of mine, with a deep sense of litterature and an extraordinary sensitive approach to creation.
A must read, published by Edicions Talvera.

Lo dialècte roergat segond Josèp Aimeric

My presentation of Joseph Aymeric's dissertation on the Occitan dialect of Rouergue has been published as a foreword to Aymeric re-edition by the Paris Institute of Occitan Studies.

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